The chocolate

Whether you specify a preference for dark, milk or white, all varieties are genuine Belgian Chocolate. Rest assured, your guests will experience the most delightfully palatable chocolate available.

We favour a Couverture chocolate - what is Couverture??? Terminology to describe a sublime quality coating chocolate, with no less than an essential 32% of cocoa butter, for a good quality couverture. Thus allowing the chocolate to form a thin shell upon cooling - making it ideal for chocolate fountain coating.

I only buy CALLEBAUT MILK callets (buttons) as they are the most reputable and well known of eating chocolate. Their milk chocolate is made by a combination of chocolate liquor, cream or milk, additional cocoa butter, flavouring and sweetening. Callebauts' high cocoa butter content affords an enviable balance of milk, cocoa and caramel flavor.

Nut allergies:
Due to the different types of chocolate the manufacturer/wholesaler produces, we cannot guarantee that supplied chocolate is nut free.