Our prices

I only offer an inclusive costing for a completely manned service. Which does not consist of you having to ...
• Pick up.
• Set up.
• Display the dips.
• Melt the chocolate.
• Replenish.
• Wash up.
• Return the machine.

My fee naturally includes all mentioned, as part of “the service”.

In addition to...
• Maintaining a continual top
   up of fresh dips.
• Constant observation of cleanliness and
• Tactful rejection of guest’s re-dipping
   (Health &Hygiene, etc.).
• Discreet monitoring of, and being an aid to,
   messy guests.
• No “additional” non agreed on site
   extended costs.
• Public Liability Insurance cover.
• An Electrical Inspection Certificate
   for each fountain.
• Trained, certificated Basic Health
   and Hygiene personnel.